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Simple Guide to De-Winterizing Your House

If you had been away from your house during the cold, winter months and winterized it, then it may be coming to a time when you should revert the process and de-winterize it. This is done to prevent any bursting pipes and generally protect the plumbing. A lot of people only winterize the exterior of their houses, however, if you were away and didn’t use your indoor plumbing, then you probably had the whole place done. De-winterizing is simply reversing any actions you’ve taken and making the house usable again. Getting your plumbing back on for everyday use as well as tuning on your thermostats are some of the things you should do in order to de-winterize your home. 

Here at We Buy Any House, we have created a rather simple and user-friendly guide to doing that in time for your return home. 

  1. Tools You’ll Need

Before you begin you would want to be informed about the process and as each appliance has different instructions, it might be worth gathering their individual manuals or researching those online. On top of that, you’ll need some tools to work those pipes. What you’ll need is a set of wrenches, flashlight and paper towels. These are the besic tools but bear in mind you may be required to have some more too.

Step 1: Remove Aerators

Before you begin turning the water on, you want to make sure the aerators are removed from all faucets. They always have water bui8ld up so draining it is the first step to de-winterizing your house. 

Step 2: Open Water Valves

Water valves support the flow of the water in each faucet when you winterize them, you normally turn off each individual supply valve and the central one. When you are reversing the process, make sure the faucets are in off position when you open the supply valve. 

Step 3: Open Supply Valve at Hot Water Heater

After you open the supply valve at the hot water heater, you must open the exterior hose bibs and this will allow you to see if the water is flowing and therefore release pressure that’s been build up while the water has been cut off for those months you were away. 

Step 4: Open Supply Valve at Water Meter

The central water supply for any house is the water meter supply valve and it should never be opened in one motion. You must take it slow and work carefully yo twist the valve a quarter turn every 10 seconds or so. Instead of allowing the water to flood quickly, this will help it gradually build up the flow without overwhelming the system too much. If you have someone who can help you, you could definitely use two helpers which will listen for any leaks around the house and if you do you should call a plumber immediately.

Step 5: Turn on Exterior Faucets

With the central supply valve open, you can now turn on all exterior faucets. You should let them flow for several minutes to let any build up sediment get out from the pipes. Wait until the water is clear and only then check the water pressure of all the spigot. This will help you see if there might be a leak somewhere if the water flow is with low pressure. In this case you should call a plumber to check if your system is okay. 

Following these steps will allow you to de-winterise your house and get it ready for the warmer, spring months. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from a professional or a anyone who can do this with you and help you check for leaks. You home will be all good to go after this and you can enjoy it throughout springtime.

This article was written by a quick house sale company We Buy Any House If you’re wondering “how can sell my house fast”, head over to our website for more property related information and enquiries. We buy any home, in any condition and in a timeframe that suits you.    

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